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Our Services and Pricing


Remedial Massage,

Lymphatic Drainage Massage,

Oncology Massage and Reiki

(All prices include 10% GST)


1 Hour Remedial Massage,  

Lymphatic Drainage Massage or Reiki




1.5 Hour Remedial Massage  




45 Minute Remedial Massage  




30 Minute Remedial Massage  


Bush Flower Essences 

(All prices include 10% GST)

$185 for 90 minutes

$141 for 60 minutes (not including massage and Reiki)






(All prices include 10% GST)



Initial Nutrition Consultation


Nutrigenomic testing packages:

Package 1 - Overall genetic wellness profile of 45 genes known for fat burning & weight, power vs endurance, appetite & cravings and stamina for improvement of overall health and wellness. Includes initial consultation, genetic test, follow up consultation for results interpretation and treatment plan.



Package 2 - Comprehensive genetic health report. This includes a detailed report of 91 genes and 113 gene variations being tested for digestion, energy, hormones, stress & cognitive performance, inflammation, athletic performance, DNA protection & repair and detoxification. The package includes initial consultation, genetic test and follow up consultation for results interpretation and treatment plan.



Subsequent Nutrition Consultation




Body Composition Consultation




*Telehealth Consults are available for initial and subsequent consultations. 







Hand Massage

HICAPS available for private health funds. 

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