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Nutrition Consultations

​Nutrition Consultations are provided by one of our senior practitioners, Leah Dumas (Steenbuck) who is a Clinical Nutritionist, B.HSc (Nutritional Medicine).


Nutritionists are qualified to provide science based nutritional counselling by assessing each individual's diet and lifestyle practices. This assessment provides nutritionists the information they need to provide suitable dietary advice for each individual. This will usually include a comprehensive dietary plan, educational materials, nutritional supplementation and lifestyle changes.

Leah offers standard nutrition consultations, body composition consultations

and nutritional genetic testing (nutrigenomics).


Nutritional consultations: can be beneficial for anyone suffering with fatigue, sleep issues, high stress, frequent illness such as cold or flu, chronic pain, menstrual issues, gastrointestinal and bowel upsets, weight loss, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, general health and wellness and many other conditions.

Initial nutrition consultations are 1 hour in duration and subsequent consults are 30 minutes duration.


Body composition consultations: are a quick 20-30 minute consultation using scales that will measure your body composition. The body composition scales will measure total weight, total fat percentage and the percentage in each limb and torso, overall muscle mass and mass in each limb and torso, metabolic rate, metabolic age, visceral fat (fat surrounding organs), hydration levels and bone density. Body composition consults will also include an explanation of results and a copy of the results to take home for personal reference.


Nutrigenomics: Nutritional genetic testing, known as Nutrigenomics, incorporates a holistic approach that brings together genetics and personal, social and environmental factors that allow the practitioner to treat the whole person. It allows the practitioner to have a deeper understanding of the possible causes for specific issues that a patient may present with.

Nutrigenomics is not a diagnostic test that determines whether you will or will not end up with a specific illness or disease. Rather, it allows people to discover areas of health they may need to pay attention to, as our genes can reveal key genetic variations that influence our health, provide information to assist with food and supplement and lifestyle interventions which helps to support and improve patient outcomes.

Anyone wanting a Nutrigenomic test must book a standard nutrition consultation as this needs to be included for optimal treatment outcome. 


If you would like further information about how a nutrition consultation could help you, or for a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if a nutrition consultation is right for you, please contact us on 0401176079 or at

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