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Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage is provided by one of our senior therapists, Mary Nougher.


Oncology Massage is a specialised, gentle and safe form of massage therapy that is modified to meet the specific and ongoing needs of someone currently undergoing cancer treatment or with a history of cancer.

A traditional, remedial style massage involving deep tissue techniques or cupping may often be far too much for your body to cope with while undergoing treatment and beyond. Oncology massage uses gentle massage and mobilisation of the fascia, which allows the muscles to relax, easing pain and stress. Research has shown that this gentler approach is often just as beneficial for pain management and is much kinder to your body while it undergoes treatment and many changes during this period.

As a specifically trained Oncology Massage therapist, Mary will base your individual massage around the (often changing) side effects of surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. Mary will also consider your preferences and needs in terms of the duration of the massage, the pressure and positioning of your body, based on whether you may be feeling nauseous or anxious, and taking into account any swelling, lymphedema, wound sites and surgical devices such as ports, catheters, or stoma bags.

The intention is to work within your body’s limits and clients have reported experiencing:

- A reduction in pain

- Improvement in sleep

- A reduction in nausea

- A reduction in swelling

- Improvement in shortness of breath

- A reduction in anxiety and

- An improvement in overall wellbeing.

If you would like further information about Oncology Massage or to book an appointment, please call Mary on 0418 575 840. 

To book online, click the button below.

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